Ba Wei Group Co. Ltd. in the past 20 years, the rapid development of China Wei to grasp the reform and opening up and economic opportunity, adhere to the "people-oriented, integrity and win-win, win the respect and trust of customers and society, from small private enterprises a foothold in Zhuji, Chinese initial capital of only 160 thousand yuan. For the development of robust, non-ferrous metals, real estate construction, agriculture, food, environmental protection, basic education, financial industry as the main body of the international large-scale private enterprise, has a number of domestic and foreign listed companies, the total assets of 71 billion 556 million yuan.

In 27 years, from simple processing enterprises to the compound group, Ba Wei Yuan cross-border, with outstanding talents and advanced technology to solve the most challenging issues, will focus on product promotion to the society and people's concern, with responsibility for the heart, honesty, with industrial pilot forward matrix. The comprehensive strength of enterprises now ranks 500 in China's top 108th enterprises, 500 in China's thirteenth private enterprises, and third in China's top 100 enterprises.

Has won the "National May Day Labor Award", "the national advanced grass-roots party organizations", "national civilized unit", "national model labor relations harmonious enterprise" and other awards. Feng Yali, chairman of the group and party secretary of the CPC, was elected the eighteen representative of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Youth League Committee. Pan Jinsheng was the alternate member of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Youth league.

Ba Wei always thinks: the enterprise is the social tool, and is responsible to the world. He who does not seek the whole will not seek it; if he does not seek the future, he will not make it; if he does not sympathize with others, he will not be helped. Therefore, the sea bright with gratitude, and seriously deal with the "staff, suppliers, customers, government, the public, the environment" relationship, so that the development of Ba Wei benefit more people.

Tyrant said, "do it!".