2014.12 China PA Wei Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, to create intelligent charging the world's first brand as the goal, to create the world's largest dedicated electric vehicle charging facilities online service solution platform.

2013.5, China Wei Wei Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established, which marks the joint holdings of Ba Wei Group in the original electrical cables, real estate and other sectors, and then add new business segments.

2012.11 China Ba Wei Group Co., Ltd. changed its name to Ba Wei joint Holdings Group limited.

2010.12 Chinese Ba Wei new energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, is the earliest professional electric vehicle charging equipment R & D, manufacturing; charging station solutions; charging facilities construction and operation of strategic emerging enterprise service.

2009.7, Wei Wei cable shares (Code: 123456) on the Shenzhen stock exchange SME board successfully listed.

2005.5 Pa Pa Wei Wei Electronics, polymer and Tianyi were ba Wei national Ministry of science and Technology identified as "National Torch Program industrial base backbone enterprises," Ba Wei cable company by the State Ministry of science and Technology identified as "national cable industry backbone production base".

2004.4, Ba Wei Group officially introduced professional managers talent.

2001.3 China Wei Wei Group restructuring, the economic nature of collective ownership changed to a limited liability company, the enterprise name changed to China tyrants Wei Group Co., ltd.".

1989.6, China Wei Wei special electronic cable factory was established, the main production of radio frequency cable products. (BA Wei Group created initial)