Guangzhou foreign enterprises to implement negative list management access

2018-11-19 13:57:16 admin 88

China News Agency, Guangzhou, July 17 (Wang Hua, Chen Yuqi) Guangzhou municipal government announced 17 related opinions, to expand the autonomy of enterprise investment and management, the implementation of foreign investment companies negative list management model. The

on the Guangzhou municipal government executive meeting examined a number of opinions on the optimization of market access environment through (hereinafter referred to as the opinions ), decided to further expand the main commercial investment management autonomy, the implementation of enterprise name and domicile (place of business) and the business scope of self reporting.


which, in addition to the name of the laws and regulations and normative documents prohibit, restrict the use of, the applicant can pass the name of the enterprise self reporting system query, comparison, judgment, declaration, can be used by the system after the inspection; in addition to the negative list of real estate is not involved the implementation of self reporting, the main commercial self declared address five basic information of business premises registration; not involving licensing business scope, the enterprise can refer to the policy document, independent industry customs declaration, individual expression scope.

the opinions also proposed to simplify the commercial subject registration procedures, the implementation of negative list management mode of access to foreign investment enterprises, foreign invested enterprises that do not involve access to special management measures can be directly to the Department for Industry and commerce registration, and the foreign investment enterprise business, business and other departments to achieve information sharing, data exchange, results mutual recognition.

it is understood that the Guangzhou business sector also supports commercial factoring, financial leasing and other new forms of financial development, support commercial restructuring and listing of listed companies, as well as individual proprietorship transformation. (finished)